Ambassador Club


Dear Investor, 



The US real estate market continues to provide new opportunities for all of us –with new income generating assets, and a wealth of options for increasing your monthly income.


Tsurel Estates is pleased to invite you to our Ambassador Club.  Members of this club will be partners in our successes, our profits and income.


The Ambassador Club allows its members to be the first to receive critical and timely real estate news about high income generating investment opportunities. 


Members will be the first to hear about unique deals with a high potential, including flip transactions that can deliver both quick and high profit opportunities.  The club will also serve as a forum for the exchange of information between investors and provide hot tips from those who have already purchased real estate and are looking for the next opportunities.


The Ambassador Club is available by personal recommendation.  You introduce a friend to Tsurel Estates who, when he invests with us will join you as a member of the exclusive Ambassador Club. 


Once you have made the decision to invest through us, we consider you our partner in an on-going, long-term business relationship, which will bring further success and profits to all concerned. 


As a member of the Ambassador Club, we share with you the profits from any transaction that you helped us attain. All you need to do is to send an email to three friends who like you, wish to partner in our success and acquire profit generating real estate through Tsurel Estates. 




How does it work ?


we will pay 1% of the first sale generated by the customer that you refer.


No small print, no surprises, no commitment


In addition, as a member of the Ambassador Club, you will enjoy a wide range of benefits and services at no extra cost, including: 


         Tsurel Estates will periodically send you professional literature and notify you of any relevant conferences                           concerning real estate investments in the US.


        We will provide free, professional advice about mortgages, investments and leveraging assets.


        We do not charge fees for international bank transfers.


        We will help you file your IRS tax report at no extra cost from us (CPA fees are directly paid to a 3rd party                            company).


       Interest-free bridge loans may be provided to complete financing for acquiring a property.


      Our professional team of lawyers, notaries, financial advisors etc. will be pleased to offer you their services at no               extra cost.



Keep checking back for additional Ambassador Club benefits.



We welcome you to the club and look forward to an ongoing partnership. 



To learn more about joining the Ambasoder Club contact us.



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