About Us

​Tsurel Investments is a leader in locating and closing low-risk, high-yield property deals. We have built a unique business model by which prospective property investors can enter the real estate market without having to learn the profession in depth, yet still be confident that their investment is sound, knowing they are accompanied at every step by a professional team that has the skills needed, proven experience in the field and integrity.


Led by Mr. Yossi Tsurel, founder and CEO, our team currently numbers over 20 financial advisors, real estate locators, operational managers and building rehab experts. We work together in a coordinated and integrated way to identify potentially profitable homes and buildings in the US, which we rehabilitate and rent out to reliable and law-abiding tenants through a stable, long-term and mutually beneficial contract.


It is commonly believed that in business, one party profits at the expense of another. This is not the case at Tsurel because we have developed a form of business partnership where all parties profit! This apparent paradox is easy to understand when you know the dynamics of the Tsurel Investments business model, a model that is simple and, more importantly, works. Our reputation of standing by our every word can be backed up by every single customer or business partner we have worked with.


Tsurel investments has exhibited consistent and stable growth since its establishment in 2011. In a relatively short time, the company has gone from zero to a hundred satisfied investors, owns properties in 4 different US States and our annual revenues from property sales have gone from less than $1M in our first year to over $6M in 2016. Our results so far in 2017 already show a marked rise in the previous year's performance.  

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