Testimonials from our clients​

Sha'altiel Nagar – CEO of Netz Transportation Company, Ashkelon - Investor in Arizona and Michigan
Doing business in the real estate market in the US, I trusted Yossi because I understood that he is fully in control.  He was in contact with me the whole time and readily answered any question I had.  We closed the deal and since then, everything Yossi promised, came true.  Once a month, without fail, the money comes in.  What more could I ask for?




Amir Kalangel - Investor in  Arizona

As one who knows the company, has invested much money in it and has been rewarded with a handsome economic return,

I can safely say that Yossi is someone you can rely on completely. The company is one that creates lucrative investment opportunities whilst simultaneously maintaning peace of mind.
Highly recommended!




Ahiya Sharvit - Investor in  Michigan

When Meitav and I got married, we were faced with the dilemma of all young couples, we were unsure what to do with the money we received as wedding gifts. 
The sum available to us was not even sufficient to buy a mobile home in Israel.  We knew we had to 'think out of the box' if we ever wanted to have enough capital to purchase our own apartment.
We decided to invest in real estate and contacted Tsurel Estates. We met wonderful, honest advisors who provided us with professional and reliable service.
We purchased an income-generating property through Tsurel Estates one year ago for just NIS 150,000 – yes in shekels!!  We haven't stopped smiling since. Each month, like clockwork, we receive a rental check of NIS 1500, which is an annual return of 12%.  Six months later, we even purchased an additional property.
We referred a friend to Tsurel Estates who also made a real estate investment through them.  Our reward from Tsurel Estates was a $1000 bonus check!!
So we are slowly climbing up the ladder, one step at a time, on the way to financial freedom.




Carmel Gorin - Administrator at Tsurel Estates - Investor in Arizona

I began working with Yossi, and got to know him as an amazing, reliable and honest person.  Dealing with real estate purchases on behalf of our investors, I realized that it works and doesn't take too much time.  I thought that if I am already working on behalf of other investors, maybe I should try it myself.  We are a young couple who got married just a year ago and don't have much capital.  We used the money we received as gifts from our wedding and invested  in Tsurel Estates and we are already seeing good results




Dafna Adam – Senior Tourism Manager.  Investor in Arizona and Michigan

We made a very wise decision.  You have to trust the person investing on your behalf and Yossi certainly made us feel we could trust him.  He came to our home several times during "Operation Protective Edge" and we asked him lots of questions before we purchased our first property.  Our income from the investment is very large, with a much higher return than we would get in Israel.  I travelled to see the property, and met our tenants who are very nice people.  It was great to actually see the home.




Yona Krop - investor in Arizona

I would like to thank Tsurel Real Estate investments, and in particular Yigal, for taking care of everything in relation to the acquistion of the property in Arizona - from the purchase to the letting of the asset as well as everything relating to the management company in the USA. The process was quick and seamless and you were always available to answer any questions I had professionally and swiftly.




Ehud Ben Ari - investor in  Michigan

About a year ago, I purchased a property in the USA through Tsurel Real Estate investments.The sales team maintained an ongoing connection after the sale was completed. They were professional, transparent, displayed an excellent knowledge of the real estate market in the USA and above all, were extremely reliable. The monthly rental income is paid on time and every question or request for clarification is answered swiftly and courteously.I highly recommend purchasing property in the USA through Tsurel Real Estate investments.



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