I am sure you are wondering how to best invest your money?  You are not the only ones with this question and I am here to introduce you to the real estate market in the US.  For some time people have been talking about it as a good investment, but you are hesitant.  The US is so far away, you are here and you prefer to invest your money close to home and in a supposedly safe investment.  Or you may have already decided to take the first step towards a property in the States but you don't know where to start from.  You will almost certainly be looking for a reliable advisor who will be able to point you in the right direction so that you make wise decisions.  You are looking for someone with an in-depth knowledge of the US real estate market who can help you. Capital that does not realize a profit, is actually accruing a loss and no one likes to lose, especially on savings that you worked hard to earn.  Investing in US real estate is the safest and most profitable way to protect your money. Just look at these facts: 


Buying a property in the States gives you a bigger return on your capital – Of course you want your money to be safe, but with interest rates hovering around 0% you can't enjoy any return on solid investments.  The US economy is recovering at an impressive pace, at a faster rate than any other Western country.  Real estate prices are still considerably lower relative to income and especially relative to Israel. We can give you examples of properties we own that have doubled in value and are still rising.  So why let your money sleep in Israel when you could buy real estate in the US?

Do you own real estate in Israel?  – Israel's property bubble has long ago grown disproportionally.  Every boom eventually busts, especially residential real estate.  For the last ten years, real estate prices have been fixed in NIS, and therefore in practical terms, your properties in Israel have already gone down in value this year.  When you combine this with a drop in price, then your property's value is falling quickly.  This is a real pity, especially when you can avoid this by transferring your real estate assets to the US market.  Top real estate professionals have already identified this move as a wise one.

Let the experts help you – Congratulations! – You've made the decision to buy real estate in the States.  This is a new world for you and far away, both physically and with a different mentality.  Now you require expert, professional advice from someone you can rely on to take care of all your needs as if it were their own investment.  Tsurel Real Estate specializes in real estate in the States.


At  Tsurel we don’t just make promises – we keep them.  To hear more, contact me at so that I can tell you about our investments in the States that will look after your capital and provide you with a fixed, monthly US dollar income

I promise to get back to you with the real estate investments that are best suited to your needs  Yossi TsurelOwner and Director

Tsurel Estates

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