Phoenix, Arizona –

An Unexpected Real Estate Gem





Are you looking for a performing asset, investments that will yield a positive return?


Have you thought about real estate in Phoenix, Arizona?


Yes – Arizona –the Wild West has been calm for a longtime now, especially in real estate terms.  The opportunities we see all across the US are also evident in Arizona, the large desert State in the South West.  When we say Arizona, we mean the capital city Phoenix, one of the largest cities in the US with a population of 1.5 million.  There are many real estate opportunities in the city that carry a low risk and offer a respectable return.



Why Choose Phoenix?


 Growth – in recent years the city is flourishing and growing in leaps and bounds.  The             economy is becoming stronger as military bases are located near the city with advanced             military electronics plants.

 Size – The District of Phoenix has a population of 5.5 million residents and enjoys positive     migration which influences real estate demand and boosts a healthy economy.

 Quality  - Phoenix is one of the most sought-after cities in the US by college graduates and     educators residents.



If you are looking for a safe investment, Phoenix is a particularly attractive proposition.  Since the immigrant population in the city is very limited and thus family size is small the city's infrastructure can easily meet the needs of its residents. In addition,Phoenix has a strict policy towards problematic tenants and takes swift action to deal with them.  Thus your investment will give you security and peace of mind.


A 10% Net Return on a Solid Investment

The cost of land in Phoenix is negligible and building costs are significantly low for a city with a fast-growing economy, so it's not surprising that prices are going up.  Yet you can still get a significant return on your real estate asset in Phoenix and prices are expected to continue to rise considerably in the future.


Quality Investments

Before purchasing real estate in Phoenix, it's worth doing your homework to get to know the local market.  The recovering US economy is influencing consumer habits of Americans who now prefer more comforts over price.  There is growing interest in centrally-located real estate, near shopping malls and commercial offices.  Today's homeowners look for high-quality dwellings that provide additional services such as a doorman and designated parking spaces.  Tsurel Estates will therefore continue to invest in attractive real estate that offers more to your tenants, making them more reliable and also provide you with increased rental income.



Invest in Performing Real Estate and Enjoy Three Income Options at Once


     Rental Income – you will receive monthly income from the rent which yields about 10%           per year.  This is considerably higher than the annual 3-4% return in Israel from real               estate.

     Increase in Real Estate Value- real estate prices are climbing, but are still far below the           2006 peak prices.  The US economy is getting stronger with positive demographics, and         in Arizona there is a high socio-economic population and low unemployment.

     Strong Currency – The dollar is becoming stronger and experts forecast that it will                   become even stronger against the shekel.  Your real estate assets are dollar prices, so             that a strong dollar works in your favor.  


Already now, you are getting more rental income than from a comparable property in Israel. So, to sum up, buying real estate in the US continues to be a wise investment, especially when compared to the problematic alternatives in Israel such as bank deposits that yield zero returns or the Israeli real estate bubble. The Phoenix real estate market provides high-quality properties with peace of mind for investors who do not like taking risks.


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